Ken brings not only his many years of experience to his luthiery livelihood, but also his gentle heart, inventive mind, and passionate soul, resulting in unique craftsmanship!

Welcome to KB Guitars • 2024

Ken Bebensee has been designing and building custom electric/acoustic stringed instruments since 1984. KB Guitars and Basses began in 1989 in San Luis Obispo, CA where Ken attended Cal Poly State University for a degree in Engineering and Industrial Technologies.

Since then, he has been busily building custom orders for musicians such as Robert Hurst, David Gross, Art Seals, and over a hundred other musicians around the world!

In 2001, Ken moved his shop to the forested foothills of North San Juan in Northern California. You may visit the showroom/studio and workshop by contacting Ken to request an appointment. Witness the evolution of instrument designs being perfected using Ken’s artistic vision, technical skill, and creativity.

“I can build any type of instrument that is imaginable combining the best ideas with artistic spirit and creative impulse. I am continually building, designing, playing, creating … my intention is to build instruments that really work well, sound and play great, and will last forever.”


Each KB instrument is an individually expressive being that is precision-crafted to enable musicians in their own unique musical vision. 

KB Guitars’ unique craftsmanship is approximately one year in the making. It takes a long time to build extraordinary instruments that play as well as they look.

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Cameron Archive Post


With well over 100 guitars in the KB Guitar Archive, selection and publication of instruments is a work in progress. 

I will also be publishing a full KB Guitars’ Archive in the very near future.  Hope to hear from you! ... Ken Bebensee